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Speelnaam: Hysteria
Begon op: 17-05-2014, 04:18
Profiel Bekeken: 3,574x
Respect Punten: 42 punten
Rank: Hero
Plaats: 712e
Clan: Godless Emperor
Badges: 42
Pokemon: 25
Gevechten winst: 13958
Gevechten verloren: 28
Status: Offline
Laatst Online 08-06-2019

Badges Kanto
Boulder BadgeCascade BadgeThunder BadgeRainbow BadgeMarsh BadgeSoul BadgeVolcano Badge
Badges Johto
Zephyr BadgeHive BadgePlain BadgeFog BadgeStorm BadgeMineral BadgeGlacier Badge
Badges Hoenn
Stone BadgeKnuckle BadgeDynamo BadgeHeat BadgeBalance BadgeFeather BadgeMind Badge
Badges Sinnoh
Coal BadgeForest BadgeCobble BadgeFen BadgeRelic BadgeMine BadgeIcicle Badge
Badges Unova
Trio BadgeBasic BadgeInsect BadgeBolt BadgeQuake BadgeJet BadgeFreeze Badge
Badges Kalos
Bug BadgeCliff BadgeRumble BadgePlant BadgeVoltage BadgeFairy BadgePsychic Badge

Donaties zijn altijd welkom! ;3

Donatielijst :

Gold :
- Sofyan2001 26 Gold
- Hoeja 25 Gold
- Aars 25 Gold
- Sofyan2001 5 Gold
- Imanesmile 2 Gold

Silver :


- Japan <3

- Anime <3

Favoriete Anime:
Death Note
Fairy Tail
Sword Art Online
Dragon Ball Z
Shingeki no Kyojin
Ao no Exorcist
Mirai Nikki
Accel World

Favorite Pokémon : Mewtwo

Hiphop & Dubstep

Name : Manuel

Ask me anything ^^


Mewtwo & Suicune! - Picture made by Aars , Thanks Aars (;

My Mewtwo drawing ;3

Sousuke Aizen : Trusting someone.. means relying on them and only the weak do that. [bleach]

Cobra : I can hear your voice ;3 [fairy tail]

Shihouin Yoruichi : It looks to me like you-ve completely lost your touch.. [bleach]

Ichimaru Gin : Its easier to crush a dream than realize one. Forming a bond is infinitely more difficult than breaking one. [bleach]

Kurosaki Ichigo : Im not fighting because i want to win.. Im fighting because I have to win. [bleach]

Hollow Ichigo [ bleach]

Sarutobi Asuma vs Hidan [naruto]

Deidara : KATSU! [naruto]

Deidara : Art is an explosion! [naruto]

You can struggle all you like .. But in the end you will all be sacrified to god! [naruto]

Uchiha Sasuke : I have long since closed my eyes.. My only goal is the darkness.[naruto]

Midnight my favorite Fairy Tail character ;3 [fairy tail]