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Speelnaam: Baukster
Begon op: 19-01-2015, 14:42
Profiel Bekeken: 38,338x
Respect Punten: 1566 punten
Rank: LegendaryDon
Plaats: 21e
Clan: The_UnKnown
Badges: 48
Pokemon: 179
Gevechten winst: 539186
Gevechten verloren: 79
Status: Offline
Laatst Online 11-11-2019

Mega VictiniMarshadowKartanaKartanaKartanaKartana

A boy is blind from the day he is born, Never knowing his mothers face never knowing colors and never knowing anything except what he can feel, smell, hear, or touch.

One night the boy is in his bedroom when his mother comes in and sits down on the bed beside him, she says "Sweetie I have some very good news for you" Tonight is a very special night, for tomorrow is a very special day,

The mother explains to her son that if he gets down on his knees and prays to God as hard as he can and truly believes in what he is praying then in the morning when he wakes up for the first time he will finally be able to see!

The boy is immediately excited and instantly gets on his knees and prays to God as hard as he can, he prays and prays for hours as long as he can until his body can no longer take it and he falls fast asleep, the next morning the boy awakes and to his pure horror he lets out a terrifying scream, his mother quickly runs into the room to her son and says "Baby what's the matter!"

The boy cries "Mommy it didn't work!" I prayed as long and as hard as I possibly could but I still can't see, the boys mother approaches her son puts her arm around his shoulder and says

April Fools Dumbass!

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24-05-2019, 02:03 Gefeliciteerd, jij bent de winnaar van de Pokemon League! Je hebt 128250 Silver gewonnen!


EV Training:

Kanto Spookhuis: 250 +/- gevechten doen
Johto Lavagrot: 250 +/- gevechten doen
Unova Grass: 250 +/- gevechten doen

ty reggie

Op weg naar de 150 victini heb er nu 131
Help jij mee?

Ev training:

Kanto spook: Sp Def, Sp Att
Kalos spook / Johto Lava: Def
Kanto Vecht: Att
Kalos gras: Speed

EV training

Kanto spook: Sp Def, Sp Att
Kalos spook / Johto Lava: Def
Kanto Vecht: Att
Kalos gras: Speed

Max TK Legends
1 Zorua Mild/Rash 1457tk
2 Larvesta Adamant 1486tk
3 Rotom Modest 1658tk
4 Phione Neutrale Nature 1670tk
5 Zoroark Mild/Rash 1781tk
6 Shadow Charizard Mild 1787tk
7 Entei Naughty 1807tk
8 Volcarona Modest 1814tk
9 Cresselia Calm 1814tk
10 Suicune Bold/Calm 1837tk
11 Articuno Calm/Sassy 1857tk
12 Zapdos Mild 1857tk
13 Raikou Mild/Hasty 1857tk
14 Virizion Gentle 1858tk
15 Terrakion Adamant 1858tk
16 Cobalion Lax 1858tk
17 Keldeo Modest 1858tk
18 Zygarde Impish 1861tk
19 Victini Neutrale Nature 1870tk
20 Manaphy Neutrale Nature 1870tk
21 Mew met Neutrale Nature 1870tk
22 Shaymin met Neutrale Nature 1870tk
23 Celebi Neutrale Nature 1870tk
24 Jirachi Neutrale Nature 1870tk
25 Mesprit Brave/Relaxed/Quiet/Sassy 1874tk
26 Moltres Rash 1875tk
27 Meloetta Calm/Gentle/Modest/Mild 1879tk
28 Thundurus Mild 1882tk
29 Tornadus Mild 1882tk
30 Registeel Relaxed/Sassy 1889tk
31Uxie Bold/Calm/Impish/Careful 1890tk
32 Azelf Lonely/Naughty/Mild/Rash 1890tk
33 Heatran Quiet 1897tk
34 Regirock Impish/Relaxed 1899tk
35 Regice Calm/Sassy 1899tk
36 Landorus Naughty 1900tk
37 Latias Calm 1919tk
38 Latios Mild 1919tk
39 Volcanion Quiet 1921tk
40 Hoopa confined Mild 1927tk
41 Genesect Naughty/Lonely/Rash/Mild 1932tk
42 Giratina Relaxed/Sassy 1935tk
43 Giratina Origin Quiet/Brave 1935tk
44 Darkrai Modest/Mild/Rash 1938tk
45 Kyurem Naughty/Lonely/Rash/Mild 1947tk
46 Yveltal Lonely/Rash 1985tk
47 Xerneas Lonely/Rash 1985tk
48 Diancie Relaxed/Sassy 1989tk
49 Deoxys Lonely/Naughty/Mild/Rash/Hasty/Naive 1989tk
50 Regigigas Adamant 2005tk
51 Kyogre Mild/Quiet 2021tk
52 Groudon Naughty/Brave 2021tk
53 Mewtwo (Mewtwo Armor is hetzelfde) Mild/Rash 2030tk
54 Lugia Calm/Careful 2030tk
55 Ho-Oh (Shadow Ho-oh is hetzelfde) Sassy/Gentle 2030tk
56 Rayquaza Lonely/Naughty/Mild/Rash 2031tk
57 Zekrom Brave 2041tk
58Reshiram Quiet 2041tk
59 Dialga Quiet 2041tk
60 Palkia Mild/Quiet 2059tk
61 Arceus neutrale Nature 2070tk